interactive, immersive, photorealistic mobile app for SketchUp
Beyond static rendering
Photorealistic SLAM and Gallery

Render your stills directly from your desktop into a gallery on your iPad. These are rendered photorealistically and you can share them on your Facebook page.

But why stop there? Why not 'walk' into them. The SLAM feature transforms your static images into a rendered space for a full 360 panoramic 3D photorealistic touring experience.

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Experience mixed reality in 3d
3D Hi-Res Augmented Reality

Place your virtual design and models in real space and see how they work or fit in the actual space they are intended for. Our proprietary Pygmy rendering engine delivers the quality of 3D photorealism for you to design and spec with confidence.

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Manipulate in interactive 3d
3D Virtual Dollhouse

Explore your design freely in 3D but more than that, interact with it. Move and change objects in your design scene, all in 3D and in real-time. This virtual 3D dollhouse will make reviews more productive and your presentations more interactive.

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